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This site is about illegal experimentations and practices of mind-control on innocent human, without their knowledge and consent.

Those who study human brains, will agree that with today's technologies, it is very easy to control human's mind and it is not a science fiction any more.
You can find  bits and pieces of these techs from different universities like MIT, Japan, Ireland ,.... and put them together,
i.e. mind-machine communication, controlling hands of someone to play piano, using eyes of animals to see objects, hear their thoughts and etc...

However, we are not talking about the technologies that control minds in this site,
But if you are curious about it, you can read one of the best book about these subjects 


Sagrada Família TowersIn this book Walter Bowart has proven each step of this official,
terminal, government anarchy, even though that appears to be a contradiction in terms. To alter and control human minds is the ultimate anarchy. What is offered by official apologists as a tribute to the needs of derring-do by romantic spies are acts of hatred and sadism against all people in an insane and degraded determination to extirpate conscience from society.


If you are a victim please read this article


How do they operate?

1- Choosing innocent victims,
mostly loners or those who have no one and are compatible with their devices (It means their devices are not working on every one)
Therefore immigrants are one of the best candidates in developed countries like US, Canada, England, Australia,...
And in other countries  'anti government or political people', prisoners, addicts can be selected as targets.

They use these victims as slaves and these slave can be sold, rented, experimented & practiced on by new employees/volunteers or anyone who buys these kind of devices from them.

These victims or slaves call themselves “Targeted Individual” or TI.
A TI will stay a TI, until dies or commits suicide.
TIs will be forces to isolation, poverty, illness, to unable to free themselves of slaveries.

2- Gang stalking a TI,
A group of  trained individuals will stalk, harassed  and spread lies about TIs to isolate them from families & societies, one of the duties of these individuals are contaminating TIs with chemical, biological and radioactive materials.
These stalkers are called “perps” short for perpetrators.
In some places, perps  mainly are from 'neighborhoods watch' or similar organization that acts as watch dogs.

Perps always covertly follow TIs and watch/monitor and play tricks on them that it called: street theater and  have a communication relays nearby to connect TIs to their bases,
These days relays are very small and powerful to be hidden anywhere, but 20-25 years ago, they needed a big van or very big 4WD like Chevrolet  blazer with very large antenna on it.
Relays may be pre installed in busy locations like bus stops, underground or metro station, etc... to avoid missing TIs.

3- Final step is the people, who communicate, manipulate and insert thoughts into TI's mind,
These people mostly work with electronics and computers. (They are the base)
The base can be operated from anywhere around the world via relays.


Milgram’s Obedience Experiment

or, How to hire a perp?

A “shock generator,” top, was used by American psychologist Stanley Milgram in experiments designed to test the obedience of people to authority.

An experimenter instructed subjects to administer what they believed were painful electric shocks to Mr. Wallace, bottom,

Mr. Wallace

an accomplice of the experimenter who was strapped into a chair and connected to the generator by electrodes on his skin. No actual shocks occurred.

 The experimenter ordered the subjects to continue as the shocks increased to a level the subjects believed were dangerous or even lethal.

In Milgram’s initial study, 65 percent of people obeyed the experimenter and delivered the maximum shock of 450 volts. Milgram discusses his conclusions in this sound clip.

Here is Stanly Milgram’s radio interview,Click on it

Stanley Milgram/From the film "Obedience" (c)1965 by Stanley Milgram, distributed by Penn State Media Sales. Permission granted by Alexandra Milgram. All rights reserved.